Wednesday, December 24, 2008

water main break on River Road

A massive water-main break this morning sent a four-foot wall of water down River Road in Bethesda Tuesday morning, forcing trapped motorists to be plucked from their cars by rescue boats and helicopters. You can read up more on the story here


mike said...

First sign of danger, the name of the road. Where are these people from, Poland?

Lanny said...

Yea.. right in front of street. Should've gone kayaking down.

elmkitchens said...

I was glued to the TV watching live coverage of this going down. I saw a helicopter rescue people, boats recue people. It was awesome. I am glad you took photos there- good stuff.


Joy said...

if i had gone to school that day, i would absolutely have been one of the cars trapped in that mess. i could've used the car wash.

secondly, the normal people who were getting too close trying to take pictures are idiots.

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