Saturday, December 27, 2008

day after Christmas

Gulf of Mexico
Clearwater, Florida
(thanks to my sister for letting me steal her point and shoot to makes these and kill her battery, sorry!)


seye said...

love that gulf

Christina said...

yeah it's pretty cool..miss it

Genevieve said...

Charlie, time has only enriched your natural talent with that camera. You never cease to amaze me. This is your cousin Adam. My email is Holla at cha boi.

Monica Blaire said...

I was going to say "YOU DID THIS WITH A POINT AND SHOOT?!!" But then I realized that you're Charlie Shoemaker, the best PJ in the world.

Ă„nna said...

in perusing your Philly Halloween pictures, I decided that your photography makes moments appear more poignant than they probably were in real life.

np said...


Kadije said...

nice pics!

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