Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Busted Photoshop

So my Photoshop CS3 just wont open anymore, why? who knows. So I no longer have a way to work my RAW files I shoot which means no photo updates in a while. Sorry about that, I am working on it. So until then, let these hold you over. Once I get the computer back from Apple (other major issues with Leopard and my dvd drive) I promise for a major update(s).

(thanks tom)

(thanks Kimbo)

(thanks Tom)

(thanks Dan B)

(for Joel)

(for Dan B)


eHi said...

Oh Uncle Jesse and your hair.

Hope said...

i saw that whats a period video a couple months ago. it's totally funny.

Laser! Beam said...

stop spending so much time on you tube, ya' herm!

Kimberly Rush said...

grow a pair and shoot some jpegs, I want an update. duh

seye said...

these videos can only hold us over for so long

marissa said...

yeah, grow a pair, ya herm!

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