Thursday, October 11, 2007

K is for Kitchens.

I went with Ben and Meredith today to get their first tattoos. We went all the way up to Baltimore for this. Upon arrival I was told that I couldn't shoot during it and that I pretty much couldn't have my camera in the building, lame. None the less, they both manned up and went through with it. I was so proud of Ben for not crying during this.


Hope said...

that is totally stupid they would not let you have your camera. i have never heard of that. I brought mine when i got my newest tattoo. my friend had hers as well. why did they not want it in there, cause of the flash? that's dumb it's not like its la ink or miami ink where there are people actually filming.

is that bens sister or girlfriend? and why did they choose a shop in baltimore? is there a great artist there?

and finally, when are you getting tatted up? i go back into the chair next week. i love tattoos.

ps joel, you look like a man now. very nice.

seye said...

ben's a man's man, he would never cry.

meredith is a man's man also, she's never shed a tear.

Lanny said...

I need to man up soon as well, and start my sleeve...

charlie said...

it's his sister. no idea why baltimore.

not sure about when i'll get mine, if i do.

Noriko said...

awww I miss the kitchens.

nay.mary.pat said...

update. duh.

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