Wednesday, October 3, 2007

girls soccer

I have never been a real fan of sports photography...maybe cause I am not a big fan of sports. But I have always enjoyed soccer, a lot. I am no Patrick Smith or Chris Rossi when it comes to making sport images but I do what I can for what it is...


seye said...

if you'd like to make the title of your post "real soccer" or just plain "soccer", you could photograph a game going on this friday if you'd like.

friday, october 5th 2007
7:10 pm
centennial park
columbia, md
field 6

okay cool see you there.

joshuawrites said...

yeah... seye is right.
a wise lacrosse player once told me:
"Girl's sports are what normal sports would be if they were all played underwater."
he then rose to the presidenthood of his fraternity and continued along on his misogynistic path

joshuawrites said...

oh yeah, and i love you, charlie

Patrick Smith said...

Yes! Nice plug!

I am no "sportsshooter" myself, we just have shitty news around here. Ha.

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