Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Last Thursday I had two images run in the Washington Post. Though I hate both of them, whatever.


marissa said...

awesome!! <3

marissa said...

p.s. i like that picture of the runner.

seye said...

how can they can do that?
aren't your pictures copywrited?

or did they buy the rights from the gazette?

or do the own the gazette?

seye said...


oh and marissa, i saw you at the gallery place-chinatown metro stop yesterday around 6, but it was a huge crowd, i yelled "marissa' but not loud enough as you went down the escalator towards the green/yellow line platform.

charlie said...

they own us.

Mason said...

congrats charlie! diddo on marrissa's, i like the runner pic.

mike said...

good running picture.

who took it.

i can't read.

Hope said...

why do you hate the images? I love the running girl photo. I am proud of you Charlie!

marissa said...

oh, man! next time throw something at me. i never run into anyone on/around the metro, sorry i missed you.

Anonymous said...

Sooo awesome.

Dietsch said...

Woooo Washington Post

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