Thursday, August 16, 2007

update - dan b

I guess I should update this thing.

Good news, Dan B and I are attending Ryan Adam's in concert.


Hope said...

i saw that in the city paper. i am soo jealous. however, he is also playing charlottesville. we should all go.

Monica Blaire said...

Dan, you kind of remind me of Frodo in that pic....I think it's the far-off distant look in your eyes and the subtle grin. But don't take it as a bad thing...Frodo is very handsome!

Andy McMillan said...

you got a pretty mouth boy.

Noriko said...

Oh hey, D.B.

You're all clean cut now.

Everett said...

Thanks you all, and thanks for dedicating the post to me Charles its a great honor.

Yeah Monica when LOTR first came out I was coincidentally wearing my hair like Frodo's, so I've gotten that 'look alike' before!

Everett said...

Oh hey, N.S.

Yeah I've been wanting and waiting to see Ryan Adams for like 4 years now. should be sicko.

seye said...

the prettiest of mouths

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