Thursday, July 19, 2007

for Sarah


Hope said...

at work the other day i saw a shirt that said property of jesus xxl on front, and on the back had the fish with this statement " Jesus got -er- done" i almost spit out my drink. it was the funniest shirt i have ever seen.

where were you that you saw a billion shirts like that? christian marketing never ceases to amaze me, christians will buy anything with god or jesus on it.

Hope said...

i would like to clarify why i found it funny. not because i think christians are funny rather im pretty sure larry the cable guy(clearly as bright as he is) had the intention of using his phrase to "save" people. rednecks in the south love him, lucky for christian marketing, the bible belt lives and breaths in the south. i know, i live in it. so suckers like that lady who find larry the cable guy funny, and have an affinity for jesus feel they are in a win win situation.

mike said...

You stupid Protestants!

You mock religion with your Wal-Mart Jesus shirts!!!!!!!!

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