Wednesday, July 25, 2007

duh idiot

this guy thinks that his first amendment rights are being violated because he cannot sell political buttons at the Kensington farmers’ market, even though he doesn't have or care to get a vendors licence. He was asked to leave the market twice in the last month, and has been issued a trespass warning by police. so he staged his arrest on Saturday along with a protest. the protesters chanted at the police (who were only doing their jobs) "arrest the real terrorist!" over and over. my thoughts, first - this man had a trespass warrant and was not supposed to be there, he came. he is the criminal breaking the law here. second, it is not the job for our county police officers to arresting 'terrorist'. duh idiots.

Thanks to Andy Brown for finding this video, you can watch me in action during this event. Skip to the 4 minute mark and enjoy me in action and how dumb these people are.



Hope said...

kinda just like it's not the USA job to be in war, where we have attacked and slaughtered a country that never attacked us in the first place, and we were told there were WMD which there are not, and actually we are making them here in the states as well.

so i agree with crazy button man impeach that asshole bush. but crazy button man, should at least follow the law here. why would he stage his own protest, and arrest, that makes no sense?

jeremy said...

that's a nice belly shot there at the bottom

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