Thursday, June 28, 2007


I went home today with Andy to visit Katie and Callie.

photo by The Andy Junks


marissa said...

yeeeah, growing a little wary of the fistchin, hafta say. i like the image with puppy's head under the couch.

marissa said...

p.s. can we go swimming at your house soon??

charlie said...

marrisa, fuck off. the "fistchin" isnt going away.

Kimberly Rush said...

i have a confession to make, I'm blog stalking you.
You made up for your lack of recent updates with this "triple whammy"

donkey lips said...

did you get your hair did, it looks shorter.

also, i second marissa's p.s., what the heck are we waiting for.

Elizabeth said...

should the dog be drinking pool water with all the chlorine and junx in it?

P.S-> There is an unreal clarity to these photos.

Eric Gregory Powell said...


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