Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Welcome to El Reno, Oklahoma.


Hope said...

Ive had one of those johnny burgers.. i was too sick to taste it. but i thinkit was good. but that pic totally looks like the burger from dumb and dumber.. they one the fatty chokes on, and harry and lloyd point and laugh.

mike said...

man, i'm hungry

marissa said...

i like this set of pictures.

marissa said...

the picture of callie and your grandmother? precious.

Mommy Valerie said...

Good stuff Charlie. Do you have a picture of Grandma's face - full on?
I like the trolley pics and so does Callie! Toot Toot!!

krateein said...

That picture of grandma and callie is really good! You do good work!

Mike N.

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