Friday, April 20, 2007

mix cd's and bert.

I got two mix CD's this week, epic. One all the way from the UK (thanks Michelle! Hey-oh!)

and Bert in the street last summer.


seye said...

can't go wrong with bert

Bertronium said...

what were we doing? i don't remember at all.

marissa said...

yeeeah it's just like that rod stewart junx. yeeeah just like, suuuper good.

charlie said...

that was the night that before Dede left for LA. It was after we left the house, we werer all talking in the street before heading home.

Ana Manzano said...

ugh i need to get my mix cd on immediately. its that time of year.

mike said...

Hey, cut it out w/ the night vision. are you robbin my stee!?

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