Monday, April 9, 2007

Chris Rossi destroys!

My buddy Chris Rossi captured this moment (just nailed it) the other day which owns.

Not only did he catch my flash but held his camera with one hand and with the other threw a fist of cherry blossoms at me along with Reuben and Naomi. Thanks guys!

My take:


Kimberly Rush said...

i want to see callie pictures. post them.

marissa said...


marissa said...

charlie blossom! get it??

seye said...

i never knew what those were. I thought your head was submerged in water and those cherry blossoms were ice.

Mason said...

i don't care what lies you concoct charlie, you are most definitely underwater... no doubt about it.

Bertronium said...

what a sessy picture

Kimberly Rush said...

yeah I thought underwater at first too...are you sure you aren't underwater? Did you put your face in the potomac river at the tidal basin? If you did you probably have aids aids.

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