Thursday, April 12, 2007


For all you LOST fans out there, after watching the trailer for next weeks episode, 'Catch-22', when it aired I picked up on something. Then I made my way over to the Tailsection to see if anyone else did. They had beat me to it, already had screen caps and everything. What caught my eye the first time I saw it was the flash of what looked to be the cover of Catch 22 but not an in English. Anyways to make a long story short, the book in the cap is a Portuguese version of 'Catch 22'. Strange huh? Hmm well the only Portuguese people we have ran into were at the very end of season 2 doing 'arctic research', whom called Penny after the hatch imploded....hey-oh! Not a big deal though.


marissa said...

You dweeb. This easter egg business is out of control! Furthermore, I was sitting right next to you and fer darn sure don't remember you pointing out this little gem (oh no way, catch-22 but in Portuguese??). And I'm pretty sure you would have. Since every five seconds you are saying something like, "See that dixie cup? that MEANS something!" out of control.

marissa said...

also, I <3 Juliette.

joshuawrites said...

I've read Ardil-22... almost as fruity as you.

charlie said...

marissa is a hater.

Hope said...

more callie, less your friends being tools to you.

charlie said...

shut up Hope.

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